Bellingham Herald internship

During finals week, about a month ago, I came across an opportunity to stay in Bellingham and intern for the Bellingham Herald. So, of course, it took it. Now, finishing my fourth week, I feel its time to show some of my hard work. Below are a few recent stories I've photographed for. The pictures here are of these two teenagers who have immersed themselves into civil war reenactments. They visited sharpshooter Cpl. Thomas A. Kirkham on Monday, July 2, at Bayview Cemetery for the 149 anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Bellingham Cold Storage recently bought a new ice maker and this thing kicks ass. It can hold 280 tons of shaved ice and spits out a 1,000 pounds in 30 seconds. The ice machine only costed BCS $4.5 million, but all the employees seem to think it's a worthy investment. Check out the story here.

A fourth grader at Lowell Elementary came up with the idea to have a moustache day in her class on the last day of school. Her teacher had her pass on the idea to the principal, and she approved it to make it a school wide event. Here are some pictures of cute kids with drawn on moustaches.