A couple assignments from July 16-20

Last week at the Herald started off slow for me but quickly picked up midweek. I covered my first spot news assignment: a motorcycle collided with a pick up truck. I got there before police roped off the scene which gave me the opportunity to walk around and shoot from all sides. I must say it's tough shooting people in distress, but it's part of the job so I carried on. The photos can be seen here. My last assignment before I returned home for a week's vacation was the Bellingham Relay for Life. It was a late assignment and I have to admit I had trouble focusing on it. All I could think about was going home. Lucky for me, I found my subject quickly and relayed the story to the reporter. After walking the loop twice, I had my shot. Right as I was leaving lightning stuck, and I stuck around for a few more minutes hoping to get lucky enough to capture the lightning in the context of Relay For Life. It didn't happen. See and read the story here.