Editing and over editing. Where's the line?

I've been shooting for newspapers for about a year now and according to their ethical standards, a photographer cannot combine images and should refrain from over editing. But where is the over editing line? I shot this image below with one picture and use shadow/highlight recovery to bring back the sky. I try to use journalistic standards to edit pictures for myself because it teaches me to get it right in the camera. and I'd say, I pretty much nailed it. The sky was a little bit over expose and flash lit my friend's face nicely. But then the question presented itself, how much do I recover the sky? At what point is it too much. No matter what I did, the picture looked surreal. I only used highlight/shadow recovery and levels/curves to edit this picture. In other words, I didn't do a whole lot to this photograph. But the question still remains, at what point am I editing the picture too much?