July 23 - 27 round up

This week started off crazy. On my first day back at the Herald from my trip home I shot 4 assignments. I   counted 9 this week, not including Thursday, because I cannot remember what happend Thursday for the life of me. I do want to share a few assignments with you: 1. Artist Point near Mount Baker Ski Area opened up for the first time in two years. It's a truly beautiful place. It's warm enough to venture out in the snow in shorts and T-shirt, but don't make the mistake I did and forget sunscreen.

2. I shot my first car race/time trials on Friday, the 360 Nationals at Skagit Speedway in Burlington. And I do have to disclose photographing cars turning left is a bit repetitive. But practice makes perfect, right? I didn't get to stay for the actual races because they started after the Herald's nightly deadline.

3. There were some miscellaneous CLOs (caption only pictures) I shot that can be found here.