Bellingham Bay Marathon

I realize that it's Tuesday night and the Bellingham Bay Marathon is old news now, but it is very currently to my thoughts. My first experience with the Bellingham Herald came from shooting Ski To Sea just before school got out for summer. Now in my first week back in school, I got to shoot a similar large scale event. I think it's a good now and then contrast of showing how I've progressed in my visual exploration of photography. I have noticed the percentage of good pictures increased since my internship started (go figure). I haven't done too many big event assignments, but I have become more confident in my shooting from daily assignments to what I'm looking for in a picture. I know there are several frames that are practically the same with different backgrounds, but I'm the one uploading the album, right? One of my deciding factors when making photo galleries is include as many people as possible. This factor pushes me to upload the extra--perhaps unnecessary--shot after expanding the galleries visual variety. Looking back threw my take I realized I missed a few shots: a pan motion blur, a stretching picture, and a picture of someone completely exhausted. All I can do now is keep them in mind for the next assignment. Check out my gallery at the link below. Click here for Bellingham Bay Marathon pictures