Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association Grant

I applied for a rather large grant from the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association. If I won the grant money, I wouldn't be awarded it until I secure an internship with a PNNA newspaper and it could help cover living expenses. As you can imagine, I'm stoked to hear back from PNNA. They asked for 5 clips, and here's what I presented them. Enjoy.  

Dressed as mad scientists, Russ Leighton, left, and his fiancee Allie Copeland stand in the "MegaZapper" at the Spark Museum, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012, in Bellingham, Wash. Copeland said standing in the Tesla Coil and walking out alive reaffirms her faith in science. The 9-foot-tall Tesla Coil sends four million volts of electricity through a steel faraday cage. (Nick Gonzales / The Western Front)

Jason King rubs his head after being involved in an motor vehicle accident at the corner of Iowa Street and Racine Street, Tuesday, July 10, 2012, in Bellingham, Wash. King was taking a left turn from Iowa Street onto Racine Street when a Honda motorcycle collided with the Nissan Titan he was driving. The motorcycle driver died in PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center that night. (Nick Gonzales / The Bellingham Herald)

Mary Jo Gran stands at Larrabee State Park’s Wildcat Cove on Monday, July 23, 2012, where her son Jim Robinson and his friend, Braden Talbott Lindholdt, launched kayaks 11 years ago and never returned. Searchers later found their kayaks, but their bodies were never recovered. Gran successfully lobbied for a life vest loaner program at the cove to help other people be safe while on the water. Gran said if her son had had access to such a program, he might have grabbed a life jacket. (Nick Gonzales / The Bellingham Herald)

Western Oregon University goal keeper Hillary Lutz, left, and defender Macy Bothmanii (24) attempt to keep the ball from Western Washington University forward Kristin Maris (8) during Western Washington University's 2-0 victory, Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012, at Orca Field in Bellingham, Wash. (Nick Gonzales / Western Washington University Athletics Department)

Tony Dulley hugs his girlfriend Shelby Rush in the parking lot of the Arco gas station on Slater Rd. in Ferndale, Wash. after he successfully landed his Cessna on Interstate 5 northbound Friday, Aug. 31. The aircraft had developed carburetor trouble and ran out of fuel seven miles from the airport. After landing on the interstate, Dulley was able to taxi and coast down the offramp into the gas station's parking lot. (Nick Gonzales / The Bellingham Herald)