Downtown San Antonio

I found some time to explore Downtown San Antonio last Thursday during the day off between the NCAA II women's basketball semi-final and championship game. Downtown seemed to be the tourist mecca. Between the Alamo and the River Walk, I was a fish in a sea of photographers. 1 IMG_8962edit

2 IMG_8934_Edit

The tours liked to take pictures of their families on every bridge, walkway and anything else what seemed scenic.

3 IMG_8978_edit

The river tour guides are extremely popular. I'd highly recommend taking one if you get the chance. And if it so happens you fall off the boat, the water is only about five feet deep.

4 IMG_8945_edit

When in doubt  silho-out.


Many tourists on the River Walk avoided my camera at all costs, but not these San Antonio youths. They asked to have their pictures taken. So I took a few. If you guys are reading this post and want to change your Facebook profile picture, right click on the image and select "save as."



IMG_8922edit Colorful umbrellas lined the River Walk and tourists eat expensive meals. I bought a Blue Moon at a pub on the River Walk, and it costed a bit more than I intended to spend. Luckily it tasted a bit more delicious than I was expecting it to, so all things worked out.