Klipsun's Cover | Star Trails


Klipsun's Speed issue deadline loomed around the corner and we had yet come up with a cover idea. The photographers, designers, and top editors were kicking the can trying to come up with not a cliche cover photo and then it hit me--star trails. What if I could get an hour long exposure of the sky? The craziest part of the whole ordeal was that the conditions were perfect and nobody knew it. The moon didn't rise until 4:30 a.m. and the usual Washington rain and clouds were on vacation. The weather gave me about a four-five day window to shoot it. Took me three nights of learning to shoot the sky before I came up with the pictures on this post. I packed the car solid for my third and final attempt. I leaned on everyone who would let me, and ended up taking three cameras, three tripods and one intervalometer which I never ended up using. Enjoy!

5-6-13 Sta Trails at Mt. Baker009

5-6-13 Sta Trails at Mt. Baker011

5-6-13 Sta Trails at Mt. Baker012

5-6-13 Sta Trails at Mt. Baker030