Slice of Life | Advanced Photojournalism

Because I had never visited Whatcom Falls Park, I had the intent of going to find kids jumping off the cliffs into the water. How I never made it out to Whatcom Falls before today beats me. But I'm glad I went. As I walked along the trail, I took in the scene and watched what people were up to form a more clear idea of what kinds of pictures I wanted. After about 20 minutes of walking, I came across what looked like a father and son fishing. Turns out it wasn't a father-son fishing day, but a father-nephew fishing day.  I thought there had to be great moments in there, and there were to some extent. The craziest part of our adventure fishing was seeing this owl watching us and preying on catches the child made. Apparently it happened five times while they were fishing and I witnessed two of them. When they told other passersby, they couldn’t believe it. I had some technical difficulty in the forest because even with a bright sunny day, I was still shooting at 1250 ISO. The harsh-contrasty light also made for another hurdle. What do I expose for, the lights or shadows? Lately I’ve been in the mood for finding the shafts of light and waiting for my subjects to move into them, but it just wasn’t happening here.


06-03-13 J397 slice of life 009

06-03-13 J397 slice of life 018

06-03-13 J397 slice of life 050

06-03-13 J397 slice of life 001