Katy Bentz

080413 Katy Headshots227 2A

Last weekend a theater-photographer friend asked if I could take some headshots of her. Of course, I said yes. We walked through WWU's campus until we found a cool background and pleasing light. This type of portraiture hasn’t been my thing as of late, but I’m always up for a challenge.

080413 Katy Headshots300A

The lesson of the day was using WWU's engineering building as a giant reflector. The bounced light was more even and directional than the clouds were previously giving me. This helped to cast a little, but much needed light into Katy’s eyes. Sometimes sunny f/16 days are better than cloudy days. Go figure.

080413 Katy Headshots308

The shoot took me back to my early De Anza College years when I would go out and just shoot with my good friend Maggie. We never really had a purpose, other than the exploration of photography, and I felt this connection again. Hopefully I’ll be doing more.

080413 Katy Headshots146 2A

080413 Katy Headshots328A

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Thanks for looking.